Ritika Hiranandani

"Ritika Hiranandani has been our business advisor for 3 months. In that time she has brought to us some very good contacts and prospects. We are working through a strategy and plan of action that is very promising. With Ritika's help we expect to grow and prosper"

Ron Teitelbaum - CEO, 3D ICC

"Ritika is a brilliant digital media strategist and technologist. She was a pioneer with CricketforIndia.com, in the early days of online sports publishing. The Showt team was lucky to engage her to assist us with our go-to-market strategy in our ambitious attempt at building a new internet category, Instant Global Voting. Ritika's advice and wise counsel has been invaluable."

Andy Jacobs - Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Showt.com

"There is only one statement I would like to make about Ritika and it is I BELIEVE in Ritika Hiranandani! As a startup you often see the landscape as going into battle, going to war and there isn't another person I would rather have by my side than someone that I BELIEVE in!"

Keith Michael Murphy - CEO of Deja Vu Applications

"Ritika, Big thank you for your always positive attitude towards InnoSoft and your great help explaining health care opportunities in India"

Jim Voight - CEO & President of Innosoft Inc.

You need relationships in business you can trust and count on. Not only people that are professionally competent, but caring and committed partners that go the extra mile to do whatever needs to be done. Ritika is a tireless thinker and is determined to deliver what she promises.

Jordan Kimmel - Veteran Wall Street Fund Developer, President and Managing Member of Magnet AE Management, LLC, Regular Contributor on CNBC and Fox Business News Television networks

Dear Ritika, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the relationship between our companies this far. Let me place on record our appreciation of your role in helping us build business through your trusted advisory service. We appreciate your rapport and relationship with the prospective companies, your customer centric approach and your strategic approach to building business. We look forward to your services in building more business for us in the near future.

V.S. Kumar, President - Americas, NSE. IT (US), Inc., 100% IT Subsidiary of the 3rd Largest Stock Exchange in the World

"Ritika and I have worked on various technology assignments with great enthusiasm and dedication. Ritika has superior organizational skills, and I am proud to have interacted and worked with her"

Sachin Patrikar - CEO of Agraj Technocrats

Ritika, I look forward to our continued business relationship and would like to express our deepest thanks to your "team". Your patience and understanding is most appreciated.

Lisa Priore, Stock News Pro/DBA Knobias

"Dear Ritika, Thanks so much for the work you did for the Western Union WU.COM business.
I was impressed with the professionalism, speed, and thoroughness of the work from your team"

Mike Hagerty, SVP, Global Marketing/ Western Union

"We are pleased with Ritika Hiranandani who has been instrumental in helping Godrej Infotech get business in the US market since 3 years, and also nurturing our team to understand and manage client expectations and help us with delivery of successful work. We look forward to a continued long term business relationship with her."

Suhas G Dharap Business Head - Software Services Godrej Infotech Limited (Godrej Infotech is a part of GODREJ-One India's largest business conglomerates, established in 1897)

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for the outstanding work you've done. It's the first time that we deal with a company where delivery of service not only get's done as promised, but also pleasantly surprises us. The work produced by your team is of the highest quality and exactly how we envisioned it."

VJ. Director and Founder - Diamond Divas, New York. (Manufacturer and designer of exquisite diamond and gold jewelry shipped worldwide)

"I can't say enough good things about Ritika. She has an excellent understanding of IT business, tireless work ethic & follow through, wonderful business connections-----All tempered with a very good feel for personal relationships in sales & marketing. Simply an outstanding person to work with"

John Welch, President / CEO, K&W, Inc.

"Black Tie International Magazine wishes to thank all those who are helping in our development. Special thanks to Ritika Hiranandani and her team."

Gerard Mckeon, President / BlackTie International

"Ritika has been a pleasure to work with, she has total committment to achieving her objectives and is excellent at developing business relationships. Her contacts within India are at the right levels and she is very well connected. We look forward to an ongoing and long term relationship."

Alan Bristow, CEO, ICON Corporate Finance

"Ritika has set up individual and company-wide sales objectives and formulated plans to expand our business in the US and India market.

She identifies opportunities for strategic alliances and partnerships that further business. She has been an active team player in developing business plans, formulating advertising and PR strategies, attending industry/networking events globally, driving new business development and market expansion. She supervises and manages sales and marketing team along with the technical team and is an excellent resource for our business."

Steve Ross, Pathway Constructs