Ritika Hiranandani is an accomplished entrepreneur and a certified business strategist (Harvard Business School) with over two decades of experience in technology and finance. Her role as an AI Business Strategist is pivotal in guiding organizations through the intricacies of AI adoption, ensuring alignment with their business objectives, values, ethics, and regulatory requirements while delivering tangible business benefits.

Ritika’s credentials include certification in DeepLearning.AI from Andrew Ng (Head of Google Brain), as well as proficiency in Python programming through Stanford University’s Code in Place program. She holds a Record of Achievement in AI Ethics & Governance from the World Health Organization and is a member of the Responsible.AI Institute.

Her core strengths encompass identifying lucrative business opportunities, providing cost-effective AI integration solutions through the newly launched AIR (AI Roadmap) initiative, devising revenue-generating action plans, and implementing corporate funding strategies that harmonize with an organization’s business goals.

Ritika excels in the following areas:
• Transforming concepts into actionable and measurable plans.
• Efficiently managing and leading technology consultants and domain experts to facilitate the execution of key projects.
• Crafting effective AI strategies.

Furthermore, she serves as a Strategic Advisor to ICON Corporate Finance (Fintech) and Magnet Fund (Finance & Edtech), representing partners for Sallyport (Commercial Finance) and collaborating with 3DICC (3D Immersive Collaboration), NSEIT (a subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange), and Karmaa Labs (Artificial Intelligence).

Ritika has an outstanding track record in building successful strategic alliances and is also the co-founder of digital sports properties that leverage data insights for high social media engagement, a substantial following of 3.5+ million fans and a valuation of $10+ million.

In terms of academic accomplishments, Ritika has completed specialized business strategy programs at Harvard Business School Executive Education and earned a ‘Statement of Accomplishment’ from the University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School),

She holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce & Business from Mumbai University, a Computer Engineering degree from the National Institute of Information Technology in India, and a Master’s Certification in Project Management from a PMI® Registered Education Provider (REP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), USA. Ritika is also a member of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce.